Atenao assists Salins Group in its European development

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Salins Group, along with Atenao, is initiating its European expansion by entrusting the agency with the translation documents presenting its ECLAE brand

Salins Group is one of the leading European salt producers. For over 150 years, it has been dedicated to the production and marketing of salt. With a production of 4 million tons a year, it is the only European player to master and implement all 3 salt production techniques: solar, thermal, and mining.

As part of the international development of its ECLAE brand, the Salins Group entrusted the translation agency Atenao with the French to German, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian translation of its documents

Project category: Cosmetics translation
Language pairs : French to English translation, English to German translation, English to Italian translation, English to Spanish translation, English to Russian translation

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