Towards a standardized AZERTY keyboard for French?

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The French Minister for Culture wants to standardize the "AZERTY" keyboard, like English-speaking countries have done with the "QWERTY" keyboard.

That is the subject of a press release issued by the French government agency. The French National Printing Office and the Académie Française have already issued recommendations on the subject.

One of the goals is to ensure respect for spelling and typographical rules, such as the accent on capital letters. Special characters, like œ and @ are not always found in the same locations, they note. Their location depends on the manufacturer and the computer's software. Keyboard standardization should take into account all Latin languages, at the EU and regional level. Spanish, Breton, and Occitan should therefore be compatible with it.

By Summer 2016, AFNOR will release a collaborative text project, based on the mission assigned to it by the Ministry for Culture. This project should then be subject to a public inquiry. Manufacturers are stakeholders in this project and have been made part of an international committee.

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