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Into what language should you translate your website in order to reach a maximum audience? European languages remain popular, however companies are not reaching out to broader audiences.

This is what we have learnt from the statistical index, T-index, that have released a prediction study for 2015. The study classifies countries according to their Internet population and estimated GDP per person. The study thus allows us to discover what will potentially be the most used languages on the Internet in 2015.

Rise in popularity for Russian and Portuguese

US American is currently at the head of the table, with Chinese being second, Portuguese being seventh and Russian being in eight place. Which already shows a sharp progression for the latter languages. To the detriment of more classically used languages, such as German , French and Italian (-43.4%), Chinese is expected to replace US American to take the lead with a expected progression of 63.4%. Amongst the “10 languages offering the best potential to sell online”, are English (25.4%), Simplified Chinese (18.9%) and Spanish (8.5%). Translating ones website into one of these languages therefore would be an advantage for most companies, as such translations can increase expected internet sales by a whopping 50%

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