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Spelling, grammar, typographical and syntactic verification takes time, patience and a complete mastery of the language. A single error is all it takes to undermine the credibility of a long-term project.

For this reason, Atenao handles the outsourcing of its clients’ text work in order to guarantee the linguistic perfection of documents intended for publication.

Basic rule: proofreading by native professionals

Perfect proofreading can only be done by a native. For this reason, all of your proofreading work is systematically assigned to professional editors/proofreaders working in their native language.

Quality requirements

  • intervention in Xpress, the Adobe suite, the Microsoft suite,
  • static or dynamic web pages
  • processes suitable for all volumes of text
  • experienced and highly qualified proofreaders (min. 5 years experience)
  • mastery of textual and graphical strings
  • systematically providing an error report
  • 1 project manager = 1 single contact person

Our approach to a text

  • removing spelling, grammar and conjugation mistakes,
  • correcting tense mistakes
  • logical and expressive punctuation
  • respecting typographical standards
  • correcting major syntax errors

Download our Proofreading area information sheet