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English is not only the language of international commerce, but the most widely used language on the Internet. French to English translation is the backbone of our activity. With the globalization phenomenon and the dematerialization of exchanges, French to English translation is booming.

A distinction must be made between translations into UK English and US English. The difference is not only related to spelling because these two languages have evolved, the connotations and meanings are quite variable and the cultural factor must be taken into account.

On what criteria should the choice of language be based?

  • The target audience: UK English prevails in Asia or in Europe, while in the Far East (Japan, Korea) and of course in North America, US English is more widespread.
  • The type of document to be translated: US English is preferred for commercial domains (marketing, technical, computing) while UK English is preferred for legal texts.

Atenao and French to English translation

46% of the agency’s translations (source 2006).
Main fields: Tourism, Humanitarian, Agri-food sector, Finance.

For your French to English translations: a quick and easy process

You send us your text in the desired format. After evaluating the document, we send you a quote for your translation indicating the delivery date as well.

To learn more about our translation methodology .

Our team of professional translators

Our experienced team of native, fully bilingual translators, professors and qualified professionals puts its skills to work in order to translate your texts all while keeping the original meaning intact.
Our team is made up of 28 English to US EnglishUK English translators who specialize in their field.

The guarantee :

  • A perfectly accurate French to US EnglishUK English translation.
  • A translation that's ready for publication and distribution.
  • A translation that's in keeping with the evolution of languages.

For all your French to English translation projects, we implement rigorous work methods so that you can get an optimal finished product that meets your requirements:

  • The choice of media for sending and receiving your documents is up to you (paper, electronic format, e-mail).
  • A project manager will take charge of the project and is your only contact person up to the final approval.
  • A French to English translator who is specialized in your branch of activity is assigned to the project until the end. Equipped with the best language processing software, the translator combines his command of the language with the most powerful computer tools.

Featured translator

Born in Kentucky, in the Southern United States, Cindy lives in Germany. After earning a Bachelor's in advertising and a Master's in translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California (MIIS), Cindy wrote her thesis on audiovisual translation, developing a specialization in this field. Cindy worked at Dubbing Brothers Paris where she participated in subtitling numerous films and television series such as 'The Making of Cars', Desperate Housewives and United 93.

At the moment, Cindy is mainly involved in translation but she still works with directors, not only for subtitling but to translate statements of purpose and scripts.

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