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Not all translations are of equal merit, and it proves to be extremely difficult to verify the quality. Relying on the professionalism and the expertise of its team of translators, Atenao assumes its responsibility and respects the translator’s charter in order to guarantee the perfection of its work.

The golden rule: native language translation by professionals

Only a native speaker can produce an excellent translation. For this reason, all of your translation work is systematically assigned to professional translators working in their native language.

A network of carefully selected regular translators

For the most common language pairs, your projects are handled in-house. For less common language pairs, we select the most qualified translator from our freelance network. This freelance network was established in 2001. The translators in our network were subjected to a very strict selection procedure. Since we collaborate with these translators on a regular basis, we can vouch for them, just as we can for ourselves. Atenao's selection and evaluation process guarantees the quality of their services.

Availability at any time

We always make our best translators available to you, and we guarantee that the translator who is most suited to translate your texts will receive your projects on a priority basis. This procedure guarantees the consistency of the translations you receive.

A single contact person for all your projects

When you make the decision to have Atenao handle your translation projects, a project manager is immediately assigned to you and will be your only contact person. The project manager answers your questions, advises you, and in the case of multilingual projects, will manage all the work for all the languages.

Consistency of translations

A knowledge base and a glossary are generated from all the translation work that we handle for you. They serve as a basis for all the translators who participate in your multilingual projects, and this procedure guarantees the consistency of the translations you receive.

No matter what the language, we offer all the services you need for your international communication:

  • Translations,
  • Sworn and certified translations,
  • Website creation in foreign languages,
  • Translation localization,
  • Graphic design in foreign languages.
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