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Designing and writing high-impact texts that arouse the target audience’s interest, finding the right words, the meaningful words that generate interaction with the reader and develop the relationship aspect, these are the ingredients for success that define our expertise and our results.

Your ideas... our words

From business presentation brochures to fashion articles, from company newsletters to promotional brochures, from consumer magazines to mailings, Atenao text work handles any subject where text conveys a message.

Communication in foreign languages

Marketing documents intended to promote products or services, to bring in new customers, to convince specifiers in foreign countries (corporate brochures, sales pitch books, mailings, packaging, product or brand websites…) deserve more than a translation that renders the message and style.
Each country has its own rules in regards to communication, the message often needs to be localized and thus rewritten by a copywriter working in his native language, in order to guarantee the impact.

Rewriting for the Web

Websites that are regularly updated with diverse content are ultimately higher ranked in search engines. Additionally these search engines penalise duplicated content. Due to the fact that writing can be time consuming, and that most of the relevant content can already be found on the Internet, Atenao offers you the option to avoid poor and duplicate content by rewriting it for you.

Our method: Conserving the meaning of the original text by modifying each component of each sentence. One the sentence has been rewritten, we make sure that it is not indexed by the search engine. Once it has been rewritten, the original text is rendered indexable by search engines.

Our approach to a text

  • Removing major mistakes,
  • Revising useless repetitions,
  • Clearing up any ambiguities,
  • Spelling and grammar correction,
  • Logical and expressive punctuation,
  • Putting emphasis on phrases,
  • Being concrete and colorful at the same time,
  • Streamlining the style,
  • Selecting the right words and catchlines,
  • Mastery of development and arguments,
  • Sequence of ideas,
  • Adaptation to the audience.