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Ten years experience with languages and intercultural communication in the service of your multi-lingual events.


SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING: The interpreter translates the speaker’s words while the speaker continues to speak. Wearing headphones and sitting in an interpreter’s booth, the interpreter listens to the speech and transmits his or her interpretation through a microphone to listeners who are also wearing headphones.

ESCORT INTERPRETING: With escort interpreting, each person is mobile. The interpreter is not isolated from the rest of the group, he or she moves throughout the visit along with the listeners. He uses a microphone and sometimes headphones.

CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING: The interpreter takes notes during the speech and then provides the oral interpretation. Consecutive interpreting is undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging type of intepreting. For this reason we systematically assign 2 interpreters for this type of project to provide for a relief between the intepreters.

The interpreter is located in the middle of the participants and translates sentence by sentences the proposals and remarks made by those present.


We provide interpretating services in all language combinations of Western Europe: French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch.


Atenao offers both advice and service. Our method of operation allows us to be both generalists and specialists at the same time. Qualified outsourcing lets the agency cover interpreting projects in all fields, regardless of their technical level.
Based on our customers’ area of activity and the type of interpreting needed, we select the interpreter or interpreters best suited to the project. We provide services at meetings, symposiums, nogotiations, conventions, visits and conferences.


Atenao offers its customers rigorously selected professional interpreters with degrees in translation/interpretation and a minimum of 5 years experience in interpreting. They work from and into their native language. Atenao’s interpreters adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality concerning information revealed during the session. A confidentiality agreement is signed between Atenao and the customer


A single project manager is responsible for your file, from estimate to completion of the event. He or she will assist you, monitor the progress of the sessions and serve as the liaison between customer, interpreter and the technical component.


Our service includes 1 project manager, 1 or more interpreters based on the type of interpreting and the number of language combinations involved, 1 technician, and the necessary equipment: interpreter booth, control room, infrared radiator, desk, soundproofing, transmitter, receiver, etc.