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For many, Google Translate is an online translator that translates a word, a group of words, or a phrase. It should be noted that the platform operates on a crowdsourcing model. Based on the number of times Internet users give the same translation for a word, Google Translate determines that the translation is reliable.

With this principle in mind, some Internet users have taken up the practice of "bombing".

Justin Bieber and other personalities fall victim to bombed translations

"Bombing" in this case refers to an attack on the word or translation. The sit 1001web has contributed to spotting this practice, in particular for the translation of the Spanish word, "idiota," which normally translates simply as "idiot." But until March 4th, the famous translation platform gave a translation in French of "Justin Bibert" when users entered "idiota." And the spelling error, which butchers the singer's name, is an integral part of the bombed translation.
Three days later, the error was fortunately already corrected. Furthermore, generally speaking, Google Translate has tried to put a quick end too this type of error. Another victim of Google Translate bombing, was French politician, Ségolène Royal. It happened in the middle of her campaign for President. The current Environmental Minister was a candidate for the Socialist party at the time. In her case, the English words, "boobs massage" were translated as "Ségolène Royal."

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