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A successful advertising campaign will inevitably rely on a well thought out image, therefore localising the message often requires modifying the graphical components in order to adapt to different audiences.

Artwork: integrated web and graphics studio

The verification of the text layout, carried out by people who know the languages being used and the hyphenation rules in particular, is a necessary precaution for your communication. In order to offer its clients a global service, Atenao text work utilizes its integrated web and graphics studio.

Direct translation in native files

For your laid out documents, you can send us the texts:
- In Word format, in which case we deliver you the file in the same format, keeping the same layout, or in the form of a “source language/target language” double entry table.
- In native format (Xpress, Indesign, etc.). In this second case, we can translate your communication documents directly in the native file (.qxd, .indd, etc)

The Indesign bonus

For files produced in Indesign, we can carry out the translation in an export of the file in inx format. If the native file has been correctly tagged, foreign versions will keep to the style sheets applied to the original version.

Translation and graphics

If you do not have access to an in-house studio, we can take care of graphics produc- tion for foreign versions. In this case, we deliver you a Low Definition pdf file for proof approval, followed by the translated native file (1 file per language or 1 text layer per language depending on the software used originally), along with a High Definition pdf file with cut lines ready for printing. We can manage the technical interface with your printer or photo-engraver if necessary.

Post-layout proofreading

All our graphics production jobs include post-layout proofreading and hyphenation checks.
If we are not asked to produce the graphics, we always offer the option of post-layout proofreading of the document produced by your studio, including checking that the translated texts have been properly integrated, and carrying out translation and hyphe- nation checks.

2nd proofreading option

Documents for publication (brochures, magazines, advertising leaflets, etc.) deserve perfection. To avoid letting any mistakes slip through, we offer you the option of a second proofreading by a third party translator.

Production in Latin, Arabic, Asian or Cyrillic alphabets

We are able to handle all alphabets, however our customers’ IT systems cannot always handle Arabic, Asian or Cyrillic alphabets. Where applicable, if we have not been asked to take care of graphics production, we deliver the font used along with the file, or in the case of Arabic for example, we send you vectorised texts from Illustrator.

Formats handled:

Quark Xpress,
Adobe Indesign,
Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe illustrator.